About Us

Noa Pirzul Ltd. was established in June 2003 as a family company by Israel and Dina Sidi.

Tuesday 10.6.2013 – Gutwin closes.

For the past 17 years in a row, the company has grown to make it one of the strongest and leading companies in its field.

Noa Pirzul imports, markets and manufactures a wide range of products for the lifting, rigging and haulage trades, connecting and anchoring, cables and associated accessories, transportation and metalware industries, gates and barriers, locksmiths, safety and working at heights and wheels.

Our customers include – the construction, wood, rubber and plastics industries, electronic packaging, metal haulage and freight, all-terrain vehicles, vehicle protection industries transportation, infrastructure, hi-tech and government companies, hospitals and trading houses.

Noa Pirzul is a young and dynamic company located in the center of the country in the Kfar Qassem industrial zone and represents in Israel, the best leading international companies in the field: GETECH, EBERHARD, FAIRLANE, BRAUER, CAMLOC, PLANETA, ELD, ASEKE., EURO-LOCKS, KOTO, PENN-ELCOME, IBFM, ANEMO, KEE-SAFETY

Noa Pirzul markets all the products of the former Gutwin company.

In 2017, Noa Pirzul launched 2 brands in memory of the late Israel Sidi, the company's founder who was taken from us prematurely in 2015: NPL – LIFTING AND CONVEYING PRODUCTS; RELLY METALWARE PRODUCTS.

The company’s wide range of products and highest professional ability in the country provide technical and engineering solutions by the R & D engineering department, adherence to a high level of service, database, technical advice and competitive prices have drawn customers from the leading sectors of the economy.

Its customers include customers from the high-tech industry, defense industries, government companies, hospitals, the electronic equipment industry, construction companies, infrastructure, commercial and wholesale companies and many others.

The company operates a nationwide distribution service deployed daily ensuring a reliable, efficient and fast service.

Due to its prominent position, Noa Pirzul and its employees are uncompromisingly committed to maintaining competitive prices to ensure attentiveness to the customer’s needs, customer satisfaction with the products and service. The company and its employees are committed to hard work, quality, responsibility, constant improvement and reinvention.

Noa Pirzul is a company of people who work based on values, goals and objectives. They are the true power behind the company’s activity. We are proud of our team spirit and determined to create a winning team while maintaining trust and mutual respect.

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